Commercial Accounts- weekly flowers

Weekly Flowers for the Office

Fresh flowers provide a positive influence to the workplace.

If you think you might like to brighten up the office with a weekly delivery of fresh flowers, then we can provide a quote! 
Information that we need;
Name of Business
Address /phone #
Contact name/ email
  • Flowers should come;
    • Weekly
    • Every 10 days
    • Bi-Weekly (a different selection of flowers are used -longer lasting types)
  • Preferred day of the week for delivery 

  • Preferred design style;
    • Minimalist modern/contemporary
    • Mixed garden style
    • All one kind of flowers (ie-all tulips)
    • Surprise us!

  • Preferred colour palette;
    • All white
    • Mixed bright colours
    • Include specific colour- (re; decor) 

  • Budget per arrangement (additional $14 delivery fee and both taxes will apply, ask about our "walk-about" delivery area- $6.)
  • $20
  • $25
  • $30
  • $35
  • $40
  • $45
  • $50
  • $60
  • $75
  • $100
  • larger regularly scheduled installations will require a consultation.

    Please describe the location(s) that the design(s) will be placed; provide photos if possible. Or call us to arrange for a consultation.
    Payment options; credit card, monthly billing  
    **All containers/ vases are on loan. 
    Contact us at   250-383-0743