Bootcamp Information

Next Bootcamp;

Sunday January 21st 2024

9 am - 5 pm 

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Maximum of 8 people per class.

9:00 am - 5:00 pm $395.00 FULL DAY Floral Design WORKSHOP

After doing some research, I discovered that to get a course in floral design you either have to go to the mainland for a couple of weeks or months, invest in weeks or months of evenings, or you have to try to do an online course by yourself. So I decided that I would try to offer a more comprehensive course in floral design for people wanting to pursue a career in floristry or step up their DIY skills, but in a series of full day workshops. To be a florist you don't have to have creditation, just the knowledge, skills and experience. This is very difficult to achieve unless you are hired and receive on the job training, which is how most of us in the industry get started. I hope to offer many of these one day courses, not only for novices but also for people who want to sharpen their skills and have some hands on experience in a new environment. **The course outline is identical each time, but we work with different flowers and containers. Practice makes perfect!!

9:00 - Introduction. You will be given your tool kit, your flowers and containers. We go over the product we are using, care and handling and you will "process" your bucket of flowers. We'll go over the day and our agenda and prep any containers that we'll be using with floral foam.

10:00- Handtied bouquet. The first project is creating a bouquet with the European spiral technique. We will also be having a short discussion about colour.

11:00- Designing in a vase. We have 3 vases we will be working with; a tall oversized budvase, a 4x4" cube vase and a standard 8" vase. You will be creating a design in each of these containers. We will have a short discussion about scale and proportion.

12:30- break for lunch

1:00- Greening a base prepped with floral foam. You will have been given 2 containers that you have already prepped earlier with floral foam. The first will be a centrepiece style, the second a high style. We will create the foundation for our floral designs by first covering the foam with assorted greenery and tropical foliage.

2:00- Centrepiece. Now you add the flowers to your pre-greened centrepiece base. We will also have a short discussion on the elements and principals of floral design.

2:45 -High Style Design - This will be your favourite part. You are now given just a little bit of guidance and you are to add flowers to your pre-greened base for the high style design.

3:30- Corsage and boutonniere- Our last project of the day is to create a bracelet corsage and boutonniere on a magnet.

4:30- Review, clean up and pack up your arrangements.

NOTE- $395 fee includes a pair of secateurs, U-glu dashes, woodpicks, bullion wire, bind wire, all containers, flowers and greenery. A duotang with handouts also included. NOTE** if you have taken the Boot Camp workshop before, your fee is reduced to $250.00 since you will have received your tool kit and containers already.

For individuals who love the art of floral design, there is a club in Victoria that is for you. The Victoria Floral Artist Guild has inspired our designers here at the shop, as well as introduced us to fellow floral enthusiasts. Great opportunity to meet wonderful new people, and partake in the beautiful hobby of floral design.


"Hi Andrea,
I’ve been so busy changing the water for and snipping the ends off my beautiful flower arrangements, I almost forgot to email to thank you ...and LaToya…. for a wonderful bootcamp this past Saturday in your gorgeous shop! The day was inspiring, informative, a bit overwhelming and a lot of fun. Loved it so much I’ve signed up for a workshop in December.

Margaret H